Minced Meat Crowd Stuffed In An Intestine Casing

Our gig last Saturday at Sausage Bar was one of those not-so-subtle chances that my keyboard is plugged into a guitar amp. I wasn’t satisfied with my sound that night though I think we played well inspite of the flaws on the sound system.  I am not complaining or anything just to be clear. It was still a great set and we’ll definitely play for Fat Jack Production if we’ll be invited again. We had a blast the first time we’re there last year and Sausage Bar is a nice place too.

The best moment was before the actual gig when we became part of the “indulgers” for Vinny’s natal day treat at Dencio’s. It was a delectable supper having “chicharonized” Sizzling Sisig; mouth-watering Grilled Squid; and a bottle of cold San Mig Light that made our tummies bulge the whole night.  Delicioso! Vinny received a wonderful gift from France and an awesome bill from the restaurant. I think he won’t forget that night especially after the gig when he went South-trippin’ with his friends.

Happy birthday Vinny and thank you!



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