Of Kremil-S and Piggy Bank

Time is going 320 BPM. It’s fleeting and will not stop for me. Now I’m considering what to buy for the coming holidays. It’s a bit early for that as you might think but you’ll never know one day we’ll open our eyes from a drunken rainy Friday night and it’s already December.

During the yosi break this afternoon, while my stomach was needing a Kremil-S or something like that, I was mentally trying to make a rational plan on how to spend the money that I think I will have in my savings account by the end of the year.

As my mind was wandering for images, I came across with this one.

I see this as an expedient to beef up my inputs on our newer songs. Most importantly, its apparent small dimensions and ultra light weight will prevent me from heaving a burden on “lagare” gigs.

But the idea of picking one up at Audiophile daunts me. It will surely wreak havoc to my 13th month pay, which is even short to purchase one. For the nth time, I have to save money.

So now again, I’ll make a list of my early wishes for the coming Yuletide (just like what I did last year in my old blog that was unwarily deleted). Kinda like my short-term objectives (stuff to buy) before that thing above. Here’s what I’ve thought as of now.


1. A New Desktop.

2. A New Tarantula.

3. Gifts For Other People.

4. And Some Other Things For Our House.

There you go. This is just the start of my checklist. I’ll keep this updated as much as possible for me to see the progress of my goals.

I’ve achieved everything in my list last year. Even having a haircut. Good luck.


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