Here Comes The Sun

Doo doo doo doo

Here comes the sun and I say

It’s alright.

– The Beatles – 


I think it’s kinda back to normal now (well, in most places) after typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng ravaged properties and lives for two consecutive weekends.


The former inundated Metro Manila and other nearby towns and cities but not in Guadalupe. Guadalupe is not a flood-zone district except for one specific spot there…

my house.

Rain water, soil, cement, rocks, dirt, gravel and other shit rushed down in a palpable runnel from a darn hole in our kitchen’s roof to the entire flooring of our tiny abode. Spent all morning clearing out water with buckets and dippers. It was wet. It was fuckin’ dirty. I felt like Mike Rowe on Discovery Channel.

When Ondoy had his break in the afternoon, I took off in the streets and looked for an open hardware store to buy some possible remedies. We ended up hiring a seemingly thin guy to fix the dang breach with a piece of tin plate and Water Stop Super Sealant. That product is really effective even under water. I felt happy though I felt “fat” thinking that I could patch it myself, if only there weren’t those cracking sounds every time I was up. Anyway, it was a huge relief.

The next day, Fireball, our puppy, died (drowned). It was a throbbing lost for Ziann. Fireball was her pet.

I wasn’t worried about my inverts though because they were in the stairway landing, unreachable by deluge and other nasty water elements. Still, we are thankful we’re safe. Many people in Marikina, Pasig, and Rizal, were not as lucky as we are.


Pepeng’s a different story. He’s stronger, faster, and more powerful than Ondoy. A super typhoon. Most lifeforms dreaded him and started anticipating the worst. I was one of those people who went panic buying as early as Friday (didn’t even go to work). I bought candles; noodles; canned goods; and batteries. I moved my keyboards upstairs and some other important stuffs. I was seriously traumatized with the first typhoon and I didn’t want to go through the same mishap that Ondoy brought us.

Fortunately, Pepeng wasn’t that evident in Metro Manila. I didn’t have any regrets with all my preparations though. At least I was ready no matter what.

So we just spent the weekend watching movies in our new DVD player and munching on the diminutive items that I purchased before like junk foods and more junk foods. I made noise with the karaoke too. The Tagalog version of Voltez V is freakin’ hilarious.


Photo taken from here.



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