Hiatus, Korg, and MSD

Nimbus Crowd’s on an unofficial vacation. Jack’s reviewing for his second attempt to pass the nursing board exams. Neil is making customized guitar pedals for his local and international clients. Vinny’s nowhere to be found though I received his e-mail regarding the new NC songs. Paul is jailed in his universe of learning how to play the saxophone; while learning new bass chops; while being enslaved by MIDI again; while training his new pet Cockatiel; while selling some of his inverts for a Sun Conure. He’s into birds right now, you know?

I’m busy with my life.

2009 is saying goodbye and I’m getting stressed-out about the future. I intend to finish everything that I planned before the year end but I still don’t have funds for the renovation and for some other shit that we need for our small and humble house.


Some weeks ago, I saw an ad in the music site that I regularly visit during dull office moments and someone’s selling a vintage Korg keyboard for a very cheap price. Of course it has everything that would make me salivate for a couple of hours and will ruin my working momentum for the entire day.

1. Korg. Check.
2. Vintage. Check.
3. Cheap. Check.

After 4 hours of googling about it and my office-mate’s GAS convincing power, I decided to buy it.

I sold some of my inverts (tarantulas and scorpions) just to purchase that damn synthesizer. Prior to that, I sent text messages to the seller everyday to reserve the item for me for a week but I received no response whatsoever. After 5 days of my extreme pet sale and I already had the amount needed in cold cash, the seller still haven’t given me a reply. My hopes were high. But one cold misty Monday morning, I got a private message from him saying that the item had already been sold. Fuck.

So I just bought the tarantula that I’ve been longing to have since I lost that species in my collection early this year. GAS turned into TAS.


I don’t know what’s this rushing all about. I’ve been so hasty on things and personal decisions. I just want to do it all in December so 2010 will be a fresh kick-off for me. Everybody wants to start the year right, right?

So I should fix what I should fix; buy what I should buy; learn what I must learn; and achieve what I must achieve as soon as possible.

“Patience pays” is just a fuckin’ cliché.


Did I mention Neil’s guitar pedals?

He’s currently making customized guitar effects for your personal tone needs. Kindly check this for the images/details. And this one for the sound samples.

I’m not big on guitars, but I think the Mad Squirrel Distortion really rocks.



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