When I was a child, Christmas was like the greatest day of the year. It’s the time of receiving gifts. It’s the day of enjoying my ride-all-you-can ticket on Star City. It’s the moment of abusing my new clothes, shoes, and toys. It’s the season when Santa Clauses are everywhere. It’s the celebration when Jesus Christ was born. It’s better than birthdays; graduations; and getting circumcised in front of a hot nurse.

philippine christmas

There’s a shift of persuasion as I grow older. Now that I am 27 and working for survival, Christmas is just a week of vacation. Seven days of rest. 168 hours of not seeing my office mates. 10080 minutes of spending my 13th month pay while being impeded by the things that my mind is suddenly considering. And a lot of seconds of doing something different from the usual though I still walk on the same streets, now with colorful bright lights, and ride the same jeepneys, now with Badjaos doing their chants accompanied with drums made from old milk cans and plastic bags.

I’m the one buying presents for people now including myself. There’s nothing substantive that I can share to the world but my awareness that it’s December 25 and we Filipinos celebrate long Christmases. I’m too old for Christmas blues. I’m not rich to do an outreach program for the less-fortunate families in Guadalupe Viejo. December 24 is just a mere battlefield in Super 8 when it’s time to buy some raw victuals for our supposed Noche Buena which consists of recipes that’s new to my taste.

I don’t believe in Christmas anymore. I won’t even say “Merry Christmas guys! May you have wonderful blessings from God this Christmas day.” in my SMS greetings. “Happy Holidays!” is enough just for the sake of using the excess balance in my Globe account.

But hey, I still enjoy the re-appearance of our local delicacies like bibingka (with salted egg!) and puto-bumbong in the early mornings and some other seasonal food like fruitcake and hams (which in my case turned into an umbrella). And I bet there will be a marathon of Home Alone movies in Star Channel. Maybe I will receive some gifts like t-shirts and more t-shirts though 9 out of 10 will not fit me.

I hope next Yuletide season, there will be something different. Something new here in our country that I can write about in my blog and will earn a thousand comments in less than an hour.


Happy holidays guys! – Boyetus of Nimbus Crowd. Wasakan 2010.


Image from here.


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