Ant Bait

I’ve noticed that there are some cockroaches roaming in my little house lately. I’ll be delighted if those are Blaptica dubia and/or the likes, but no, I am seeing the familiar filthy and smelly house cockroaches that we all abhor: Periplaneta americana. Nice name though.

Unwanted bugs are getting free lodging since spraying insecticides is prohibited here for apparent reasons. Luckily, I got some of these from Marvin.

We simply call this Ant Bait for we don’t want to expend effort deciphering Chinese names. This is way cheaper than those stuff sold in Ace Hardware but delivers just the same.

You pour the powder content where ants and cockroaches usually hang out. Ideally, the former will gobble the poison and will lug some back to the colony as if stock for the rainy season. For some bizarre cause, they will get “high” and tend to fight each other until they are all dead and the colony is wiped out. Now that is one cool ant Ecstasy.

It is also useful for getting rid of roaches for they will be attracted to the smell of the pesticide, ingest it, then the next day they will be found lifeless on the floor. All you have to do is sweep them out of the house, to the neighbor’s backyard.

Bought in the wild stalls of Divisoria Mall but I bet you’ll have a hard time looking for this because this is an atypical product in that jungle. Give me a message if you want some.

There’s no available site but if you want, you can check the information here in the back portion. Enjoy reading. Click to enlarge the image.


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