Brachypelma Auratum Molting Sequence

I had a chance to take some pictures while Aurora, my Brachypelma auratum was molting. It took her more than three hours to have a successful molt.

11:35 pm (February 9, 2010) to 3:07 am (February 10, 2010). Post-molt leg span: estimated 4.5 – 5″ DLS.


on her back
casting the exoskeleton

almost there

finally out

still white and fragile fangs
Here’s the exuvia. Guaranteed female.
Back on her legs with brighter red color on the knees.


Here she is now. “Flame Knee” indeed.


2 thoughts on “Brachypelma Auratum Molting Sequence

  1. I could read your Tarantula comments for days! Your pictures are great too. It’s so helpful getting 1st hand information that is put in common everyday language. I am totally hooked on the T. hobby and have collected (mostly raised from slings) 26 different NW spideys. As we all know, we can’t just talk to anyone about our T’s as most haven’t gotten past the fear segment. I find it really sad that people get closed minded ad won’t even attempt to understand or even observe this fascinating creature. Even more reason to value you and the time you take to share your T. info.
    Thank you so much!! And don’t quit…

    1. Thank you very much for reading and I’m glad that this little blog of mine have helped you in some ways. I appreciate it. Don’t also quit…



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