Of 2.5 Gallons and Philippinus Hearts’ Day Sent From My Egocentric Nokia 1208

It’s Valentine’s Day, eh?

So what?

It was quite an ordinary Sunday afternoon beside the trip to Marvin’s house with Paul, Neil, Jake and Erika to buy some Selenobrachys philippinus. I didn’t purchase one because I’m trying to save money for some important things and I envy them for acquiring one of our very own beautiful tarantula species.

I just took pictures of Marvin’s juvenile Theraphosa blondi which is currently 6-7″ DLS.

T. blondi or Goliath Bird Eater is the largest spider on Earth, with leg span reaching 12″ in diameter. About the size of your dinner plate.

with flash


BUT this post is not about Valentine’s nor hearts nor tarantulas. This is about minimizing my “SELF-CENTEREDNESS” because I was told just a while ago that I am always talking about myself and nothing but myself and other shit like that.

So not a single opinion of mine will be written here now. This time, forget me for a while because the following pus is all about what they say.


They say that intelligent people dig Science so much.

Washink and Washink2


They say that people with “sense” always ask “sensible” things.


They say that before Jake fell in-love with Mary Erika Morales, he was deeply, and they mean “deeply” crazy for this guy.


They say that great musicians can play their instruments (even on live performances) while sleeping.


They say that drunk band members always look at their more drunk and annoying keyboard player.


They say that MIDI controllers are made for those lazy keyboardists who have no PAs and have improper hand and wrist position.


They say that these are not normal people. Especially the one wearing green t-shirt. Very wasted.


They say that ghosts are real.


They say that real men watch porn after office hours.


They say that shy guys don’t look at the camera.

and sometimes, don’t even want to be in the picture.


They say that cool people wear shirts with odd number prints.


They say that there is always a “possibility” to fix the broken things from the past.


Now who’s self-centered?



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