Pounding The Sweet Salami

Since I had nothing to do (and nowhere to go) last Friday after office hours, I decided to attend the PTSS (Philippine Tarantula and Scorpion Society) gathering/meeting which was held at Doc Chammy’s wonderful haven in New Manila (Zoo! What will happen if the Caimans escaped and jumped in the pool?!).

It was quite interesting to meet (personally) the actual people who I only natter in the forums. I was quite glad because it’s the kind of occasion that nobody would be confounded when I say the words like pedipalps, booklungs, spermathecae and ventral sexing. And everyone can spell Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens and Nhandu Colloratovillosus with ease.

But what really matters was the aim of bringing back the dwindling organization that we are all part of; making new friends; and creating a stronger.bond between the “inhabitants” of the site that we only know/knew virtually.

Plans were also written and given to start a new beginning for PTSS. I just hope that everything will materialize in time.

Nice meeting you guys! Thanks for the delicious chicken (I was the one who ate the most, I think), junk foods, and beer. I can’t wait for the G.A. and the Arachnoshow2010.



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