Meanwhile, In The Land of DAW, MIDI, and Audio Tracks…

The Roland Corporation held the very first Cakewalk Sonar product clinic in the Philippines yesterday at the Yupangco Main Office Showroom located at Buendia Ave. Makati City.

The mini seminar was conducted by one of the demonstrators from Roland Corp., Mr. Mitsuyoshi Okazaki, to feature the SONAR VS-700 SET B, SONAR VS-100 and the SONAR 8.5.

I got my invitation letter and two passes with raffle coupons through snail-mail.

I was quite excited about it but dang, I was late!!! I missed the free shirt and other souvenirs and the chance of joining the raffle (they gave away some awesome stuffs and I envied the winners). Most of all, I missed the demonstration of the products so I just have to wait for the reviews etc. in the forums.

I don’t have anything informative to share about the event so maybe I’m just writing this because I’m having a hard time sleeping and I have nothing else to do. No more coffee for Boyetus.


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