Meet LotLot

This is LotLot, my 8i (8th instar) female Heterometrus longimanus.

Having the common name Asian Forest Scorpion, H. longimanus is always confused with Heterometrus spinifer. They look almost the same (just like the other species in that genus) and can be found scattered in Asia. But anyway, you can spot the differences just by comparing them closely even in photos.

It has a full grown size of 4 -5  inches and a good starter’s scorpion next to the more docile Emperor Scorpion.

Keeping it in captivity is kinda easy for I think, it is a very hardy species. Moist (not wet) substrate and a water dish will do the trick.

Adding barks and a hide is not a necessity but it will help the scorpion to feel secure in its tank.

The venom level is low: 1 in the scale of 5, but please don’t try handling one if you have no experience with these creatures.


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