Crowd Jammed Weekend





As the expected 7:30 P.M. scene in the intersection of Buendia and Makati Avenue, heavy traffic and a horde of wet stranded people marred my kicks for the gig and impeded me from reaching Obsidian Bar early. Cab drivers were also refusing to convey me to the venue. Well, if they always grumble about soppy rush hour bottlenecks then they should make a living in Sulu or Batanes instead. I’m pretty sure the roads and traffic there are not as savage as EDSA or anywhere else in Metro Manila. Anyway, I just took an ordinary bus from Ayala to Shaw Boulevard and literally walked from the Shaw Boulevard MRT Station to Ortigas Home Depot whilst carrying my gear.  J. Vargas was hell. Now how far was that?

Probably, the only agreeable thing that I will remember most about that gig was the fun of drinking lots of beer with NC and with some friends. And oh, the P20 iced tea. Performance wise, it was OK but since the sound tech was holding back the noise, we just couldn’t feel the songs. The place’s nice but not as great as the photo that I saw in their site. Obsidian Bar is a cool small open air bar with a sultry stage that made us sweat big time. We ended up with the usual applause, wet shirts and instruments. By the way, the main event of the gig was the launching of Sugar Hiccup’s fourth album. Too bad it’s not Melody Del Mundo on vocals anymore. Was I drunk after?




It stopped raining.

Like what I‘ve said before, the crowd in Guerrilla Radio Bar’s so overwhelming that it made me love that place more than last time. I think we played a great fervid set there. Thanks for appreciating our music and I hope you’ll also dig our newer and better songs. Two thumbs up for Tremolo Production! By the way, the other bands that played before and after us were so damn good I also enjoyed being an audience while drinking beer. I hope all gigs are like that: no music discrimination and just pure fun.

Some tropa bands also shared the stage with us that night.

There was Valen (with Val, Popoi, Tristan and our very own Jack). Valen offers really great songs that are so radio-friendly BUT NOT cheesy as the other mainstream shit around. One can dig the musicianship of the musicians in this band while indulging on good melody lines. Galeng.

And of course there was the intense and awesome Dark Crayola (Fidel’s new band). Well, I was totally speechless watching them play. They are insanely great! Dark Crayola plays sick and serious music not for people with weak stomach and poor music comprehension. Now I am a fan. Idol.


Posters from Fat Jack and Tremolo Production


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