… the furor of the 2010 election is still high and the apparent new president is just waiting for his name to be formally announced, the redundant election jingles in the streets have stopped playing for good (thank you automation) and “Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win” didn’t win in Makati.

While I am eating hotdog sandwich with mustard for a late lunch and I can’t get the smell of detergent soap out of my hands, the Anti-Jejemons are becoming mainstream, from Youtube to blog sites to Facebook to radio and television. From being cool and hilarious once, Jeje–bashing became uninteresting and horrendous. The SMS world needs another hero.

While my neighbors are arguing and all the trash talking is echoing in our whole compound, the zit on my forehead is getting a prick and I am thinking if I’ll be going to Antipolo tomorrow, not for the church nor for any other holy stuff, but for the delicious and authentic cashew nuts sold there.

While a lot of things are going on around and my mind’s being occupied too much, I am getting tired of giving a shit.

I don’t care about the president. I don’t care about the jejemons and the pseudo-jejebusters. I don’t care about the stupid neighbors and all their complaints. I don’t care about the laundry. I don’t care about the new patches on my keyboard. I don’t care about eating dinner and smoking cigarettes.

While I am not certain about the world in this exact minute, I’m in no doubt of just two things…

It is how much I miss her… and how much I love her.



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