Don’t Ever Wish You’re An Arachnid, Ma’am

LotLot, My 8i (8th instar) female Heterometrus longimanus has finally popped thirty-plus slings.

Now all I have to do is wait for the babies to molt (shedding of exoskeleton) and crawl off their mother’s back so I can put them into separate containers and sell them. Of course, some will be given to my friends depending on my mood.



There are exactly 36 slings but I only separated and re-housed 25 of them since I ran out of small delicups the other night.

Now who wants a pet scorpion?


16 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Wish You’re An Arachnid, Ma’am

  1. hey!
    good day!
    couple of weeks ago, i bought 3 slings of tiger rumps.
    2-2cm & 1-1.5cm
    with a free R.J. scorp.
    i know that the scorp has a lvl.3 venom so i handle it with extra precautions..
    but i was wondering if you can teach or tell me what do INSTAR mean?
    i dont know much about scorps….is there any site that can teach me all about them.

    oh, and yesterday my two tiger rump sling lost their 1 leg.
    is it gonna affect their hunting skill? whats gonna happen to them?i dont know what else to do…they dont want to eat.

  2. @ Jayson – Good day! Thank you for reading. Instar is the invert’s developmental stage of growing which is every molt. Scorpions have a maximun of 8 molts so you can tell the age of a scorpion (if it is already adult and mature ) just by knowing its instar.

    With your Tiger Rumps’ sizes, they are maybe on the 3rd or 4th instar. Don’t worry about the missing leg/s. It won’t affect their hunting skills that much and those lost legs will definitely regenerate after they molt. If they just molted, wait for about a week before you feed them Their bodies are still soft and fragile. Leave them alone for a couple of days.

    1. wow! thats a relief…i didnt know that they can regenerate..

      thank you so much sir for your time…
      hope to see more post bout t’s & scorps…
      GOD Bless your blog & your family…

      thanks a lot!

  3. @ Aish Villalobos –

    The price depends on the size of the scorpion that you want to buy. The older the species, the higher the price,

    H. longimanus is a local scorpion species that’s why the price range here in the Philippines is from PHP50 – PHP700.

    Thank you for reading.

  4. can I trade some of my beloved exotic pets male and female p. baeri adult size and chubby frog


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