For my 7th ear-piercing, I got my tragus pricked.

My anticipation for excruciation was just a waste of rapid heartbeats. Trust me people, it doesn’t hurt a bit. But even though I was disappointed in the “ouch” part, I never did have compunction with it.

It was great.

“Tragus piercing” never tags along with rarity. Catching sight of people with it is part of my daily observation from the rushing yuppies, to cigarette vendors, and to PUJ passengers so there’s no need to ruminate on the inkling that it is few and far between.

Another thing, it is not that pricey. You can get one, done hygienically perfect by an adept artist for only 200-500 PHP. Include some minutes of playing NBA 2K10 in XBox 360, on a big LCD screen, surround sound, while waiting for the tools and earring to be sterilized. Luckily, I’m familiar with the awesome tattoo shops in Cartimar, Recto, Manila. Jeff is the man!

Being pierced has always been my fascination but never my fashion statement. I don’t get studs and rings punctured in my bare human integument just to have something to brag about. Showing off is never cool.

My reason may be found vague but honestly, it is my other outlet of self-expression. A deeper form of blogging. A meaningful and atypical way of keeping memories.

Every hole bored in my cartilage represents people. Every stud pinned in my skin symbolizes situations that came and went into my existence. Each one of them reminds me of pain, love, attachments, decisions, affairs, mistakes, and joy that I dealt with and how I learned from all those things to become a better and stronger man.

Choosing where my next aperture will be is still iffy. Daith? Rook? Anti-tragus? I don’t know.

Heck, looking at this site is really tempting though I still don’t have a reason to get another one. Let’s wait and see.



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