Hottentotta What?

Hottentotta hottentotta (Congo Red Alligator Back Scorpion) is one of the few species of scorpions that is “parthenogenetic”, which means the female will give birth even without mating. And even males do ‘pop’ too.

Though it is easy to take care of, it is not an ideal scorpion for newbies. It has a quite potent venom which is 3 in a scale of 5. It’s not enough to be fatal but it’s really not good if you got stung. By the way I use dry substrate (cocopeat NOT sand) for this species.

Last year, I gave my friend Jake a 2nd instar Hh sling (baby scorpion). After some months, it finally grew to its decent size and finally popped some slings.

Now I was given four pieces from its brood. Thanks Jake!

I actually took my own photos of the slings but I’m embarrassed to post the pictures next to Jake’s Nikon D90 shot. *wink*


20 thoughts on “Hottentotta What?

  1. tsong, kelan ko lang din nalaman, congo red alligator back scorpion ang common name nila. o well who cares about common names anyway. sabi nga ng isang forumer, “I am racist against using common names.”

  2. hindi naman reliable ang common names talaga. pinost ko lang dito para dumami yung word count. thanks sa mga alaga. i’m back on feeding centimeter small inverts haha. buti marami akong nymphs. ang ganda ng kuha mo sa “DLSU” mo a.

      1. .sir ask ko lang .. newbie kc ako e.. bali humili ako isang HH ang liit super.. ,baby pa sya. ilang beses ko pakakainin sa isang araw sya?

  3. Bro may HH ako NAgpoped ng mga slings kelan ko pwede ibukod..? kapag Nagmolt na ba sila pwede ko na ibukod..? thnkz and Ganu katagal bago mag mature ang sling HH..? thnkz

  4. @ Eighven – kapag bumaba na ang mga slings from their mother’s back pwede mo nang paghiwalayin. pwede rin naman communal or magkakasama basta sobrang laki dapat ng enclosure. BUT di pa rin maiiwasan ang cannibalism a.

    maturity naman ay depende on how fast they will molt. sa pagpapakain mo na yan at sa condition ng kanilang environment.

  5. Ganun ba thankz… mga ilang instar before sila bumaba..? 1i or 2i..? thnkz… baka kasi lamunin ng mother nila eh

  6. @ John

    Once a day is enough. But if you want your little scorpion to molt and grow faster, then “power feed” it and give food more than once a day.


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