It Looks Very Baeri, Baby

As a new addition to my rack, I’ve acquired one of our local beauties from an on-line seller. It was a fair trade for some of LotLot‘s slings. Nice meeting you Lan!

Here is my new female Phlogiellus baeri (Philippine dwarf tarantula).

The name speaks for itself. P. baeri is a small species of tarantula found in the Luzon part of the Philippines. Adults grow up to 2 inches DLS (diagonal leg span) and typically black-grey-brown in coloration.

It is your burrower type of tarantula so enough moist substrate is needed in order for it to build multiple tunnels as its respective hide and territory.

P. baeri is an old-world tarantula which means it is fast and I mean, really fast. But unlike the other old-world species, it is not aggressive and can be properly handled. Just give extra care when handling one because of its speed, there is a tendency for escape and injury (the spider not the handler).

Since I have no more extra acrylic enclosure and delicup, I decided to make this as her permanent home.

Then I added some moss peat so it will look more natural.

There is this certain delight in me regarding keeping local species in captivity. Beside that I can observe and study them better to understand them more, it is also a good start of conserving them. I just hope I can breed my P. baeri soon.

I should give her a name first. Whatyathink?


4 thoughts on “It Looks Very Baeri, Baby

  1. sir just wanna ask is this the same with the “panay blue” or orphnaecus? cause i bought one, and not sure what and where to look for their care sheet…thanks…

  2. @Anonymous

    P. baeri is a different species. In my personal experience, a safe set-up that I would recommend is a deep and slightly damp substrate. I had a S. samarae and an Orphnaecus sp. once and the said set-up worked for them. You can also give them a hide if you don’t want them to dig and web the whole enclosure.

  3. i got my P.baeri in the wild, then lately i realized this made me love spiders and thought of starting a tarantula collection, i realy wanted to hold or touch this little cutie tarantula but it’s too aggressive. it even bite on there’s a chance that i could hold this tr?

  4. @Wynn Littman Thater

    I personally don’t recommend handling Tarantulas but if you really want to, then place your hand in front of the spider and push it slowly and gently with a stick or anything from the back until it crawls to your palm. Avoid sudden movements and loud noises that might scare the spider. If the Tarantula shows signs of aggression, stop doing it and try again the next day.

    Regarding your P. baeri. They are not usually aggressive. I’m surprised about your experience with it biting on sticks. Maybe you had disturbed or threatened it big time.


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