Sunday Pet Shoot

Jake’s “Invert Photoshoot” in my house last Sunday was fun. Here are some of the beautiful results. Click the image to enlarge. Enjoy!


Acanthoscurria geniculata




Grammostola rosea (RCF)


Haplopelma longipes


Pelinobius muticus (formerly Citharischius crawshayi)


Heteroscodra maculata



Heterometrus longimanus



Parabuthus transvaalicus


These photos are COPYRIGHTED and owned by Jake Rey Fajardo. If you want to grab something here please ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Pet Shoot

  1. Hi I have a giant white knee that I got a few weeks ago.. She’s tiny, about 6 months old.. She has a big bald spot on her abdomen, and I’m not sure if she’s preparing to molt or if something is wrong? Is there any way of knowing? Please let me know. My email adress is if you could send me some advice? I’m really new to this.

  2. @ Stephanie

    I think there’s nothing wrong with it. Observe the bald spot for a least two weeks. If it becomes black, then your white knee will apparently molt. Another sign of premolt is if your white knee’s not eating. Hope this helped.

  3. Hi Jake!
    I was wondering if I might be able to use one of your photos?
    I help admin a Facebook page called Go Ahead, BUG Me and am putting together a collection of tarantula photographs, and your Grammostola rosea is stunning. If possible I’d like to use one of your photos in this collection I’m putting together. I would include your name as the photographer.

    1. Hello Tyra,

      I am Boyetus Irabon, the author of this site and the owner of the tarantulas shown here. Jake Fajardo, on the other hand, was the one who took the photo of my Grammostola rosea.

      Anyway, sure go ahead and use the photo. No problem. Thank you for asking permission. 🙂


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