How Was My 2010?

Being busy was my daily grind last year. There were times that my work was like breathing, and breathing literally was just a past time. But there were also moments that I got bored being bored and picking my nose while Googling the alternatives for Morning After Pills was the only sensible thing to do.

When our client (and my boss) started that grading system and quarterly bet for our work’s quality, the used-to-be dabbling in the office became a daily sauna bath inside the pressure cooker. Unachieved individual target grades means treating the entire team in The Original Savory restaurant and of course, nobody wanted to lose. It’s good for the stability of our job but a bit stressful in a way.

There was also a time that I was almost financially broke and earning extra money (unlike the past years) wasn’t a cinch for me. It was a mere monetary tussle and I was indeed muddled if my job suddenly became unlucrative or I just had too many obligations to deal with. Unsettled Internet and phone bills can really cause carnage inside the pocket.

My passion for tarantulas had gradually dwindled away up to the third quarter of the year that I just became appeased with a few favorite species. By the end of November, my obsession with Arachnids came back and I was desperately desiderating to fill my empty acrylic enclosures (and delicups) again with beautiful eight-legged creatures.

Nimbus Crowd unofficially (and officially) disbanded (for the nth time) for some good (and awful) grounds regarding individual growth and time commitment. I, Neil, and Paul, on the other hand, began our Jazz Jam every Saturday at the latter’s house. Though the band’s in a state of coma, we three still created an outlet to educe our playing skills and to mature musically. I know, those learning sessions will take us somewhere far in the nigh future. (Grins).

2010 was also a year for not-so-drastic odd time transitions of my inner personality. I dealt with a lot of staid and pensive stuff about myself. I’ve done a lot of sacrifices for other people and became completely altruistic from time to time.

I’ve learned how to control my terrible temper (a bit) and express myself sans casuistries. I sincerely admitted my mistakes and became submissive. I tried to listen carefully while being conscious to others’ sentiments. I positioned myself right and steadily.

I didn’t laugh on bad jokes cracked at me but I uttered cool repartees so I wouldn’t offend anyone. For others’ uncomplicated maladies, I laid straightforward responses.

I learned the importance of accepting and appreciating the deep meanings of simple things done for me. I saw and felt the real beauty of a person’s inside and out. Giving respect to others was also a favorable improvement for me. By the way, I also went to church about one or two times (what the fuck) and I got better in time management. I turned somewhat folksy to everyone and met new friends but I missed a lot of inuman sessions with my barkadas. My Facebook account was habitually deactivated too.

Some common diseases frequently landed on me. It may be an early sign of aging (or lack of vitamins) and my muscles did twinge every other week. My 28th birthday was tedious beside the classic (and expected) heavy rain ironic to the estival August 15 sky. Our house in Sampaloc was pervaded with traditional kiddie victuals that day because my first nephew and niece share the same natal date with me. It was more their celebration.

My sleeping habits became normal. Waking up for someone and something can really help a lot to battle insomnia. Hand-washing my clothes without using fabric softeners and cooking unhealthy foodstuff became often too. I still did my nightly walks along Makati Avenue and did my Wargods head-bang in front of the spotlight, beside the statue of Sultan Kudarat. I still looked for fallen tree barks in the joggingan and I was still fond of delicups and cargo pants (until now). I missed gormandizing at Wendy’s (Baconator and Chicken Fillet Sandwich!) and Burger King (anything with Onion Rings!).

I was never a coffee buff my whole life but I unexpectedly enthused over The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf‘s Mocha Ice Blended. I got addicted to delicious Korean ice cream sandwiches too and explored some dining establishments that I had never eaten at before.

I dropped a couple of pounds and decided to regularly cut my hair. But I still don’t look neat and I like it. My acne flare outs were also milder though I am not gullible to believe that I am outgrowing it. And oh, I grew taller… NOT!

I lost myself a couple of times. I lost my mind almost every day for a certain period. I broke promises and hearts. I made people cry and laugh (and horny) at the same time. I became wasted. I became a gag. I threw a couple of punches on walls and sent old sneakers in the trash can. I killed my lungs as often as blinking. I brought hope and smiles then I blew it all of a sudden. I was an asshole.

But after all the changes, of roles panning left to right, from being a protagonist to the contrary… I rediscovered myself. I rediscovered how be normal and how to love again. That’s the greatest thing that happened to me in 2010.

I know you won’t be interested to hear or listen about my life last year (if you’re still reading up to this part, well thank you!). You may say that it was still as dreary as sitting in front of a jeepney traveling from Guadalupe-EDSA to Brgy. Bel Air. It was just a mere routine.

It wasn’t much of a Life in Odd Time Signature shit or My Everyday Mis-Odd-ventures. Though honestly, there were a lot of things that I failed to write in this blog for the last couple of months. A lot of things that I will just remember when I remember them.

But even though how drab or vivid my 2010 was, one thing’s for sure: I survived another year of my existence in this world and I’m ready to face the next one.

I don’t want to prognosticate much but I am kinda sure what will come about in the next 12 months. Of course, I can still never tell exactly everything that’s in store for me but I won’t wait for my fate to comeI will make it.

Welcome 2011.


6 thoughts on “How Was My 2010?

  1. well crafted. tangina, hindi na ko marunong magsulat ng ganito. when you write to escape from something, it just becomes pointless. nagkulong ako 6 na araw sa loob ng kwarto at wala akong natutunan bukod sa kaya kong mabuhay ng wala internet pero hindi ng walang ipapakain sa mga alaga ko.

    new kicks were nice by the way. i got mine from the sale. love it but i envy yours. maybe i should get out more often.

  2. Salamat pareng Jake. I also reached the point na hindi na ako bumibili ng lunch para may pambili ng crickets sa cartimar way back 2007. So what’s with the “pagkukulong”? And lastly, natyempuhan ko lang yung shoes ko. Luck as you may call it. Tara get together.

  3. O it’s you. I am currently deleting “spam” comments and I almost thought you’re THE spammer. Did you try proofreading my posts? Haha. In less than 30 minutes I will start woodshedding new jazz chops. YM.


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