New Kicks

For the last four or five years, I had this stint on footwear and bought only cheap, low-cut sneakers that don’t cost more than a thousand pesos. The only problem was, those tawdry kicks were convincingly undependable and only lasted for four or five months.

Last December, when my “progger” shoes were on the verge of retiring and I was dragged into a pinch of choosing between buying another mediocre pair of sneakers and shelling out more cash for branded, abuse-ready kicks.

No wonder I became a sucker for this.

I got quite excited to score a simple yet original pair of “Chucks”and would not spend much because it’s Up To 70% Off On Selected Items. But Megatrade hall was a mess when I went there. It was really hard to find something of my size and the sale items were not really my mug of beer (Chucks with AC/DC prints?!).

After an hour or two of looking at the unorganized racks and against the huge flow of people fighting for the display products, I disappointedly went out of the venue with an empty shopping bag.

So I just decided to get a new pair of not-so-cheap-sneakers.

If I can squander away big amount of money for Tarantulas and other musical shit, then why not add a little more on my budget for something that I need in my everyday life. Right?

Yeah I almost bought this one from Pony, but something caught my attention in the next store.

Levi’s Horse Low sneakers.



Not yet imitated.

20% off.

I like.


Now it’s time to get it dirty.


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