Of Birthday and Stolen Bag Over The Swing of Chicken Pox

As written in the previous post, Ziann’s birthday was a humble lunch treat at Tramway Garden Buffet.

ONLY immediate family members on both my and Cez’ side were mustered to battle the venue’s buffet table because Ziann herself didn’t a want big and fancy party. A little get together for a simple girl’s 7th natal day was the idea, though I don’t know if that was a good one.

The almost crowded restaurant’s crew members were having a full plate that time as well as the costumers (literally) and after some “rounds” of huddling with the people over the newly refilled food trays and pigging out, I smoked outside with my father.

There was like a dozen of people left in our extended table including my mother and in-laws. I don’t know if they were just too occupied to heed everything and everyone but when I went back in, I couldn’t find my bag.

It was stolen.

Yeah, I must admit that an adept thief (or thieves) got me. How could that son-of-a-bitch took my satchel under the board without even being noticed by the group?

Luckily, my bag only had chargers (for gadgets), my tattered umbrella, some ID’s, and my kikoy kit. All the valuables were in the other bag and my wallet was in my pocket so the money was safe.

I did report the incident to the gerent and she said they would inspect the video in their CCTV camera (I wonder if it is working).

Well, that’s the most (or least) that they can do now. I know the management won’t be held responsible for my loss. A lot of  “DO NOT LEAVE YOUR THINGS UNATTENDED” signs were posted around.

On the other hand, the utmost that I can do now is… nothing.

Crying over spilled milk is not my cup of coffee and I am not expecting that my things will be recovered. I’ve already acquired some stuff to compensate the lost ones and I wonder if the robber would use my toothbrush.

It was a big lesson learned and I bought a new (smaller) bag the other day.

For Ziann, it’s funny (and cool) that the actual highlight of the day was after the event when I took her and my nephew, Kenzeth, to the playground at the end of Blumentritt Ext. (in Sampaloc). Ziann told me that she waited a whole week for that swing and see-saw.

A very naive girl indeed. She wasn’t even expecting for gifts though I gave her an iPod Touch as a present.

By the end of the day, we found out that she had caught chicken pox.

She had to stay in our house in Guadalupe for a week (to rest) because the school wouldn’t let her in. Bulutong is contagious.

We had seven days of  DVD marathon, Text Twist-ing, Cut the Rope-ing, Final Achievement Test review, English tutorial, food-tripping, and some bonding moments.  It was great.



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