Tramway Garden Buffet

We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday last February 12 at Tramway Garden Buffet. It is located at 65 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Since I made a reservation, staying in the waiting area was out of the question.

If you are in a tight budget for a blow-out or for just a conventional eat-out, Tramway Garden Buffet might be the answer. They offer an All-You-Can-Eat (Eat-All-You-Can) buffet with a myriad of dishes (Chinese, Filipino, Japanese) to choose from.

Today the prices per person are:

* Regular days *

(Monday – Saturday)

Adult – PHP205

Children below 4ft. – PHP138

* Sunday *

(Special Lunch Buffet)

Adult – PHP338

Children below 4ft.– PHP180

There’s nothing exceptional with the menu so don’t expect much. BUT it doesn’t mean that the food sucks. Everything was just fine and normal as far as I could describe it. I like the Sweet and Sour Pork and the dumplings. There were also roasted chicken, pancit, steamed fish, shellfishes, to name a few.

Sodas in can (Coke products) are available at PHP38/can and the Iced Tea is PHP30. The distilled water is self-service. No table charge.

They DON’T give extra utensils beside the pair of spoon and fork provided when you first take your seat. No bringing of food from the outside. No sharing. Left-overs will be charged PHP6/10 grams (regular days) and PHP10/10 grams (Sundays).

The place is always jam-packed as they say so don’t anticipate for a peaceful ambience. But you can always avail for a function room for a little tranquility at PHP450. Just book yourself way ahead of time. The men’s comfort room was not that comforting and the free parking outside was a battlefield. If you wish to dine there, be early or at least make a reservation. The place is just somewhere between Sct. Torillo and the former Ozone Disco.

For inquiries, you can call them at (02) 415-2005.

Of course, this is just a pseudo-review and my intention is to only make a decent post. This restaurant has been written and talked about for quite some time. Try Googling it or better try the place to experience it yourself.



Note: I just found out that they already have a website.


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