Sariaya Quezon

A couple of weeks ago, me and my family (extensions and friends included) went to Sariaya Quezon for a weekend get away in a resort that my tito’s wife owns. I hope I got that right and yes, they have a site.

There are three things that I liked about the place:

1. The typical yet beautiful beach of fine and soft sand.
2. The cold and clear water with mild to moderate waves.
3. The venue’s nice amenities and activity areas that will keep the guests away from boredom.

But of course, who needs to be a spry beast if you can be just an idle pig chillin’ out with nature? Everything there was so conducive for having a tranquil time off from the conventional afflictions in Manila.

There was also a cool spot where you can find a lot of Hermit crabs, and moon jellyfishes (Aurelia aurita) that my relatives caught and then released again in the sea (by my mother). Though we didn’t manage to bring those little creatures home (they wouldn’t survive anyway), the photos and the fun that we had were more than enough souvenirs. We got free sunburns too.

For two days, the everyday air and noise pollution of EDSA-Guadalupe were substituted by the ocean’s cool breeze and the relaxing sound of its tides.

Listening to MP3s and SMFs while drinking Pepsi in front of my PC was replaced by the gang’s songs while drinking beer around a bonfire.

The quick-changing traffic and street lights in Buendia cor. Makati Avenue were altered by a beautiful blanket of stars.

And Big Mac with large fries was filled in by rice and grilled tilapia on a banana leaf.

It was a great weekend and I wish I had a slr camera with me.










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