Since it’s the fourth quarter of the year, it is the season to buy something (or some things) pricey for myself. It’s the time of the year to make my


I am not a “gadget person” if you really know me but then I thought of buying an iPhone. Be it 3GS, 4, or 4S.


Last week, as I was dipping into some articles about the late Steve Jobs, I somehow came across with this shit.

A myriad of promising possibilities that I can do with it splashed in my head one by one. Imagine playing in a live gig using just a MIDI controller connected to an iPhone and getting the patches from Sample Tank. Wow. A minimal yet kick-ass set-up indeed. It’s my fuckin’ mug of beer.

It’s also convenient to have a sole contraption that I can use to make calls, send SMS, play games, and gig around. Oh, I also need a replacement for the late Korgy

(my Korg sound module) that I sold to the keyboardist of a local 90’s band last month.

I am not a fan of Apple products though my wife and daughter own and had owned some iMerchandise and they love it.

Personally, when it comes to music player, I’d rather pick ANY Creative MP3 device than an iPod because the former sounds more digitally “natural” and not the other way around. If you know what I mean.

On the other hand, the edge of Apple, beside its excellent marketing approach, is its cool and … well… cute Apps like these:





(Music Apps, anyone?)




And most of all, Apple continues to progress and revolutionize things to make our lives somehow easier. They create products that make us modern and unique.

I digress.

Yesterday, I just found out that almost everyone around me’s getting an iPhone.

Well, if that’s the case, then why the fuck should I?

The chances of being in the office’s iClub is scary. And trust me, it will eventually become boring.

So then, in an instant, I adamantly dropped iPhone from my list.

I’ll just stick with my humble laptop and MIDI controller set-up. Yeah, I don’t need Sample Tank because I have a lot of awesome softsynths that I, beyond doubt, enjoy using. My Roland and Yamaha synthesizers are still on my rig and I still have my hardy Samsung phone.

Sometimes we just forget who we are and what we really want because of the impulse matters that we bump into everyday.


Boyetus: I don’t need an iPhone. I will buy another expensive tarantula instead.

Officemate: Why?! Are you sure? You’ll just look at it and feed it. How can you be happy with an insect?


At the same time,  it’s hard for people to understand and deeply penetrate my passion. In a way, yeah, it’s nice to own some piece of technology that’s in right now and be impressed (and/or impress people) once or twice. But knowing myself, the fact of having a new eight-legged theraphosid will be more than enough to amuse me every time I’ll feed it, every time it will molt, and every time I will just simply stare at it. So my What-To-Buy-List-For-2011 will include

1. This beautiful monster…

But in a more realistic manner, I might possibly have this:


2. Something for our house.

3. Something to accompany No.2.

4. Something Android. iPhone my ass, bitches.

5. Something that’s more of a “Wish”:

This or this or this  or this from


3 thoughts on “What-To-Buy-List-For-2011

  1. After some days of thinking, yes, I’m getting an iPad. Masyadong mahal ang MacBookPro, saka sayang naman yung pinadala ni Neil na kukunin natin sa Friday, Gagamitin ko muna normal na laptop at ang mga favorite plug-ins ko.


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