Adikularia Haven – Anib One

I got a chance to attend the Adikularia Haven‘s first anniversary last November 19 at Visayas Avenue – Quezon City. With a hundred plus attendees, it was THE biggest gathering of Metro Manila’s exotic pet adiks (mostly on inverts). The P250 fee was inclusive of 2 tarantula slings, 2 scorpion slings (plus additional species upon entry), unlimited food and beer and a chance to meet and greet the other hobbyists around.

A lot of raffle prizes were given away including some common and rare invert slings and female species. I repeat, A LOT. It was sulit.

The food, as far as I can remember: rice, puto pao, Caldereta, Sisig, pancit, Shanghai rolls, chicken barbeque, siomai, papaitan, tokwa’t baboy, grilled Bangus, embotido, papaitan, and a 50kg Lechon! (Believe it or not, a horde of hungry people WASN’T ENOUGH to finish everything on the table. Wow.)

But it’s not all about our beloved pets, two winners were also drawn for an on-the-spot free tattoo by Venom Ink and the famous Dyani Lao.


There was also an award ceremony for the three very prominent people in the hobby today who I truly respect.

Best New Member

Breeder of the Year

Adikularia Member of the Year

Before midnight, an auction was held and those who bought items for cheap prices must have gotten home with big smiles on their faces.


Some other photos:





I left the place slightly drunk about 3 A.M. the next day and stayed at Jake’s place.

Congratulations to the Adikularia Haven admins for a successful event! Hope to see you soon.



Photos taken from Jake Fajardo and Mark Wesley Fresco


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