I Don’t

… really give a damn about superstitions so yesterday was just an ordinary one beside getting my salary and carrying a twenty-five kilo laundry that I claimed from the shop and took home by myself.

If your pay check’s delayed and you stepped on a horse shit after leaving the ATM in frustration; if you burnt your nose when your Fortune got stuck in your upper lip because of the positive and negative charges of your cigarette and your saliva; and if you dropped and broke your iPad 2 after showing off inside your building’s elevator and you woke up at 5:49 P.M. realizing you got married to an “elemental”…

All of those are mere coinciding circumstances that just intervened between today and the day before yesterday.

In other words, adversities in life are never dictated by a specific date so stop over-reacting.


Saturday the 14th.

This is my first quick mobile post for 2012 using WordPress for Android.

Standing. Smoking. Outside our house.

Makati City – Pilipinas



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