Surviving A Day Is Difficult With

… just nine available hand appendages. The hard plastic brace on my finger (that is still swollen) is a good thing to avoid excessive movements though. But the fact that I can’t bend it means that I have to contrive other approach to do normal stuff like brushing my teeth, taking a bath, and washing my ass. Just use your imagination.

I can’t even write or sign papers using a pen. I can’t fish change in the tight right pocket of my pants. I can’t even use chopsticks when eating… though I don’t use chopsticks at all.

My cut also opened a can of worms in my work performance. It will take me three hours now to finish the files that I can normally nail in forty minutes. My new arduous use of mouse is not helping either. I left-click with my middle finger and the ring finger is assigned for right-clicking. My nimble technique in formatting SMFs got completely snuffed out. But I am still not worried. Because knowing myself, I will surely get used to it sooner or later and be back on track.

I am more concerned about not being able to play my beloved keyboard and of not being able to play music at all. I tried to hit a minor triad a while ago in the office’s MIDI controller without using my index finger but the force of striking the keys shook the slit and it was damn painful.

It sucks to be like this and I can’t even drink beer because of the antibiotics that I take. Oh well, it’s time to find some other things to do. Goodluck Boyetus.



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