Wednesday Urbandub-ing

Cez told me that there would be an Urbandub gig nearby so I quickly finished my little workload in the office, rushed home to fetch her, and took off to Freedom Bar – Quezon City. I really missed the feeling of being in a gig so there’s no way that I would let it pass. My step daughter and her boylet tagged along too.

Urbandub is probably my favorite local rock band. Me and my wife are huge fans and we hope that they will stay around the scene to give Dubistas more awesome music. They are such tight musicians. Last night, (as expected) the group’s performance didn’t disgruntle the audience and everyone just indulged in the band’s kick-ass songs. Other amazing acts hit the stage too and we watched them all from start until the end when the risible Jomal Linao of Kamikazee (and BlueBoyBitesBack) was making comments on the mic.

The only shit about this experience was I only drank iced tea instead of beer. I am still taking antibiotics and my body must be booze-free. It really sucks to be sober in a rock production. But other than that, it was a great night.



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