In A Dank

… and filthy portalet, I was sitting and unloading a shitload of undigested food (Double Cheeseburger and cheapo vanilla shake included) when I heard Ian Tayao’s voice on the mic. It’s Wilabaliw‘s set so I cleaned up, showered my body with Biogenic, and quickly ran near the stage to join my wife and friends.

SyamnAPO Sa Ilog Kong Irog is the theme of U.P. Fair 2012. The concert will benefit the victims of Typhoon Sendong and will support the rehabilitation of the rivers in Northern Mindanao.

U.P. Fair by the way is a festive yearly event held at the remarkable Sunken Garden of the University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City. It is a week-long celebration during the month of February (the week of Valentine’s day) where the 50,000 m^2 sinking land becomes a Woodstock-esque field filled with a myriad of booths (selling food, food, ethnic items, hand-made accessories, shirts, tattoos, food, and food); perya rides; and of course – live music from our local (popular and underground) artists.

We were like ten steps away from the side of the stage when Wilabaliw performed. For me, it was really the start of the night (beside scouring my keister with baby wipes while holding the portalet door). I didn’t pay much attention to the bands before them because we were still strolling around that time, looking for some cool stuff to buy. Oh, I remember Noel Cabangon singing his beautiful songs while we were walking and me enjoying my diarrhea vanilla frap and vapid nachos chips.

The bands that also played on the main event were Giniling Festival (nice tail Jeje!), Franco, Kamikazee, Greyhoundz, Wolfgang, Datu’s Tribe, Delara, and Paramita. Some old school acts were there too like Grin Department, The Wuds, Philippine Violators and some others that’s not worth remembering. Sorry.

Typecast closed the stage about 4 A.M. while we were pigging out on shawarma rice. It was tiring to stand and watch live bands for hours while killing my lungs. Another unavoidable move for bad health. It’s also no fun to find a cab at that time of the morning around the U.P. Campus. Well, probably because the taxis were running overtime, fetching lovers that just had their Valentine’s Day concert in the motels.

But hey, I still enjoyed the night. Next year I’ll try the rock wall climbing shit and do an Australian Rappel. See ya.



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