I wanted to utter the thought in my head that the ashes in everyone’s foreheads annoy me.

I wanted to eat another delectable mushroom burger from Bodato.

I wanted to smoke weed and gait like a high donkey in Buendia Avenue.

I wanted to wear my pink polo shirt that’s still in the laundry bin.

I wanted to go to Cartimar – Pasay and search for cheap driftwoods.

I wanted to lick Pauline Luna’s breasts.

I wanted to blur the edges of my face and highlight my big nose in Lomo effect.

I wanted to poke Mike Grape’s eyes with a barbecue stick and dip his whole face into Ate Fishball’s kalan.

I wanted to drop by Yupangco’s basement and look for an ancient Korg Karma.

I wanted to join the Winchester’s and gank horny demons.

I wanted to make a new aggressive lead patch for Wargods 2012 with an uncontrollable feedback effect, frantic modulation, and averse filter shift.

I wanted to break free from my injury, neglect the twinge on my finger, and lustfully shred on my keyboard again like a newly mated lion that wants another thirty seconds of concupiscent activity.

But yesterday… only my last two “I wanteds” happened.



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