My Genic

There was a time (around 2009) that I got fizzled out in my so-called “labor of love” and disposed about all of my tarantulas except for one: “Genic“, my female Acanthoscurria geniculata. Why? I just love her so much and say whatever you want but Acanthoscurria geniculata is probably my most favorite species of tarantula, ever.

Last Friday, Genic died and now my rack feels so incomplete because the big glass enclosure on top has nothing inside but substrate, old bark, and an empty water dish.

Genic had some issues regarding molting though she survived each and every bad molt until last Thursday when her third leg on the right got stuck in the exuviae.

She was really having a hard time walking and moving so I had no choice but to do another operation. I cut the leg about up to the end of the patella and did everything to contain the rapid flow of hemolymph, from Petroleum Jelly to fine cocopeat to glue.

The bleeding eventually stopped and I settled her in ICU. But the next day, Ziann found the poor spider in a position that tarantula keepers dread to see – the death curl.

A.geniculataexpected life span is 15 years up so it really disheartens me so much that she perished not even reaching half of her anticipated time in my captivity.

Yes, I know I can buy another one but for sure no other A. geniculata can replace my beloved “Genic“.

“Genic”. 2007 – 2012. This is her last image alive inside the ICU.


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