Ziann And Her Beaded Bracelets

Having a lot of sundry and multicolored beads plus rolls of pliable tigertail wire bargained from Divisoria, my daughter, Ziann has cottoned into making handmade beaded bracelets (and some necklaces) lately. By the way, we didn’t press the kid to make them. She just woke up one afternoon and told us that she wants to string beads.


Being an eight-year old girl, her latest craft has a touch of kikay-ness and stuff like that but it is substantially art-related so I guess it’s another avenue for her to learn a new knack while letting the creative juices flow more and while simply having fun.

It eventually became more rewarding for her when she, unexpectedly, started selling the extra items to her classmates. Custom-made ones are also available upon request and she’s so happy telling me that it feels great to earn some extra money from the thing that she just enjoy doing. What sweet and creative little kid entrepreneur!





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