We’ve finally moved in to a new house last weekend. It’s not that far from the old address so technically, I still reside under the same besmirched stratosphere of Makati and I will still walk on the same hostile roads of Guadalupe Nuevo on my way to the office.

Our current semi-crudely built abode has some issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible. That’s why there’s an ongoing minor renovation right now (that started Monday) that will, hopefully, end tomorrow. Other than that, I can say that the house is literally livable though I have to accept that most of paint is pink and there’s still clutter everywhere because of the repairs.

My tarantula rack will always be beside the stairs.

The house is a bit smaller than the former domicile though it is big enough for three persons. It’s not located in the most tranquil place in the world due to the cacophony of the raging traffic and stupid loudmouths nearby. It’s not also found in the most convivial spot in the city. Having hypocrite “alive alive” neighbors and poseur musician bystanders, some evenings might be filled with group singalongs, accompanied by out-of-tune acoustic guitars and bad harmonies. That will, a hundred and one percent, irk us because we hate bad music. Lastly, it’s not situated in the most secured part of the community. Even though it’s far from the slum area, the residents’ aberrant nature and bad reputations are enough to have occasional paranoia for robbers and trespassers. Worst, there could be a possibility of a karaoke night with the drunk pseudo-gangta participants stabbing each other after singing “Lakas Tama”.

On the other hand, a neat shelter with adequate water and electrical services is just basically everything that we need, and we have it now so we’re somehow pleased. The locus of the house is also in-between two big edifices so the wind circulation, in addition to the proper ventilation, makes it presko all day. It is not also deprived of sunlight so I can keep cacti and other plants like Venus Flytraps in the anterior side once again. Most importantly, it is owned so we don’t have to pay anything to anyone. One at a time, we’ll gussy and rig it up with a new set of appliances. Just you wait and see.

Well, this is just another start for us. I can’t say if we’re gonna settle here for the rest of our lives, or if we will find another one somewhere else in the not-so-near future. But one thing’s for sure, despite of the quasi-shambles outside, what matters is the essence of the people living under the roof and the family that will bring about more dreams and draw more happy memories together to call this little house a “home”.



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