Visiting Om Nom

Cut the Rope, the cutest app around, is intrinsically about precise physics, accurate timing, straight fun, and pure luck. Truly addicting. No wonder it is one of the best-seller games in App Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market).

I’ve finally finished the ten levels (all three stars!) without conniving at the “cheat sites” that are scattered all over the internet. I just got the Buzz Box so it means that I am not regularly checking the updates and I’m still wondering why I don’t have the Holiday Gift Box.

If you want a break from those sports and light corny games, this could be a great alternative since it is still a “thinking” game but not stressful. Feeding Om Nom (the green little monster) with candies is also way better than having a chat with a stupid one-haired robot that answers more stupid questions. Anyway, here are some screen shots.

These are the 10 Boxes. You can see here the images of the first and last level of each box.


I wonder what the next box will be.

Added 072712:



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