A Plain And Not-So-Holy Thursday

“Holy Thursday! The Quiapo pirates are back in business!”

Beside being an interjection, yesterday was just the start of the traditional Holy Week vacation. It means that this is a time to rest my ass from the usual shit at work. This is also the only week of the year where there’s not a lot of people scattered in our street though the vicinity is filled with the loud and discordant voices of the hypocrite neighbors doing the pabasa.

Anyway, we found ourselves in Quiapo – Manila yesterday and I am dead serious: the “pirates” are back after the big raid last January. So we took advantage of that and we bought a lot of stuff to accompany us in our five-day DVD marathon at home. Don’t raise your eyebrows on me please, bootleg DVDs are cheaper and the quality of the copies are better than the ones “shared” in the internet.

The “DVD Mall”, by the way, is located in the ground floor of a motel. The stalls are in the air-conditioned halls beside the tinted glass doors just right between Jollibee and the Lacson Underpass entrance.


Since it’s “Holy Week”, we bought one of our favorite religious movies

 and the divine so-far-seventeen-episodes-of-our-mostfavorite-religious-series-ever. I will buy the original complete season DVD when it is released.

Then we grabbed some good ole flicks that we like,

plus some stuff for the kid

and some others that I didn’t take pictures at.

That’s it. Happy vacation everyone!



This is my personal shit and I have no intention of promoting bootleg products.



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