Some Of My Pets

Good day! I totally have nothing new to tell about my life today so I’ll just show you some of my pets. I woke up a tad early so I had like twenty minutes to feed and shoot some of my babies before I do my morning procedures.


My female Haplopelma hainanum. (Post-molt: July 1, 2012).

Here she is now feeding for the first time after nine days. What a cute move!


Blay“. My adult female Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens.

This is her very swift take down move.


My sub-adult female Lasiodora klugi.

And here she is feeding on an adult female Blaptica dubia roach without much effort.


This is my little Tapinauchenius gigas (4th instar). A very under-rated yet beautiful blonde tarantula.


My 6i Hottentotta hottentotta and 7i Rhopalurus junceus feeding.


I also have a pet “jumping spider” that resides near our window. I always want to literally “hand feed” it with a Blaptica dubia nymph but I’ve no luck so far.

attempt number 1

attempt number 2

attempt number 3

attempt number 4


 I only used my phone’s camera so sorry for the quality of the still and moving images. More feeding videos of my other pets soon.

Blaptica dubia roaches participated as “tarantula and scorpion feeds”.

 No Boyetus was harmed during the making of this post.



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