Revisiting Om Nom

It’s been a while since I purchased Cut The Rope: Experiments for my Android phone. It is the sequel of Zeptolab‘s cute app called Cut The Rope, which is one of the best-seller games in App Store and Google Play.

Last night, I finally had the time to slice some ropes, move suction-cups, pop bubbles, launch rockets, rotate some robotic arms, feed Om Nom with candies, and finish the entire game with three stars in each level.

The seven hidden photos of the Professor wasn’t that difficult to find. But no, I won’t tell you that those pictures are located in levels 1-14, 2-19, 3-19, 4-7, 5-23, and 6-17. The seventh one will appear if you’ll Like the Facebook page. But again, I won’t tell you that.

Here are the screen shots of the game and just like what I did with my post about Cut The Rope, you can see here the first and last level of the six boxes.

The “ending” scene in still images.



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