The Healing

Being intrigued by the R-18 version, Cez and I decided to watch The Healing. It is the latest horror offering of Star Cinema starring Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu. Believe it or not, it is surprisingly good.

A group of friends/neighbors with weird diseases was taken by Seth (Vilma Santos) to a far away province to be healed by Elsa (Daria Ramirez), a faith healer who miraculously cured Seth’s father before. Cookie (Kim Chiu), the daughter of Seth’s ex-husband went there too. All of them eventually got “healed” but they didn’t know that they also received an evil curse so after a few days, they were brutally slaughtered one by one by their demon doppelgängers. Now Seth has to do something to un-Final Destination Cookie (who’s the last to die) and to totally un-fuck everything.

[I hope you understand that]

Anyway, with superb cinematography and the actors’ great portrayal of their characters, I can say that this Chito Roño masterpiece is one of the best Filipino horror movies so far. This is also the first Pinoy flick that poured a great amount of suspense and gore which didn’t fail to startle the audience. The “color scheme”, in my opinion, enhanced the actual scenes thematically as the chapters progressed (which I liked) though it created some kind of distraction for some.

Now I understand why Ziann (who is a fan of local horror films) was rejected in the movie-house when we first came to watch it. There’s a lot of scenes that are really disturbing for kids (and maybe for those with weak hearts). Z wasn’t even allowed to watch the R-13 version. Lame.

As for me, killing a ghost (temporarily) with an oven-toaster is, well, not that cool. The transferable demonic doppelgänger thing made some conflict with the concept.

Robert Arevalo’s comedic lines were good to let everyone exhale for a while and (ooh la la) Mercedes Cabral’s appearance as the cosplayer “friend” of Seth’s father made my night.

There’s only one thing that I found disturbing in the entire movie…



This is not a movie review.



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