Following The Yellow Brick Road In Greenbelt 1

“So far… so good… but where do we go from here?”

OK so I am LSS-ing on that song after watching the Repertory Philippines’ “The Wizard of Oz” at On Stage – Greenbelt 1. It was a good play though this preview seemed to have some small arrestive flaws that won’t escape my critic eyes. Just kidding!

But pseudo-pundit-mode aside, I really had fun watching it with my family, more especially my daughter who has a huge interest in stage plays (she has actually watched more shows than I). She loved the two distinctive characters in this one: Dorothy (played by Cara Barredo) and the Wicked Witch of the West (played by Pinky Marquez).

With good script, songs, actors, and some interactive moments, this RP’s adaptation apparently intents to captivate children and the children in us. We definitely had a great time.



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