Into The Mushroom World

The two USB game pads that I bought yesterday, to accompany my PC’s Virtual NES emulator were really worth it and very well-abused today. Since it’s holiday, this Monday was indeed a great time to show (off to) my daughter (about) my superb skills in playing old-school games like Punch Out!, Contra, and of course, Super Mario Bros..

I am way comfortable with the [+ select start B A] thing than the user-assigned [Z X SHIFT ENTER ARROW KEYS] so playing those Famicom classics is as easy as stomping a Goomba.

And so I let my thumbs do the talking and finished my all-time favorite adventure game Super Mario Bros. 3 for less than 2 hours (passing each world without dying much) while Ziann’s watching. She’s a big sucker for those prince-gone-to-quest-to-save-the-princess shit so she did enjoy it ignoring the fact that the prince’s apparently an Italian plumber.

Teaching her how to break bricks and kick Koopa Troopas was fun too and I showed her how (and where) to get those 1UP mushrooms. She did choose all the rewards in the Toad Houses and I let her try her luck in the Spade Panels. By the way, Mario’s wearing the Tanooki Suit and still got 69 lives when King Bowser Koopa fell off the pit.



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