Of Math, Bubbles, and Isaw

My daughter is a very shy eight-year old kid that dislikes attention and only talks to people that she knows. That is why me and C were so surprised when we found out that Z joined a Math contest in school and eventually won 3rd place out of 16 students. Not bad for a first-timer, eh?

teacher, Z, student, student, student, teacher

She said she wanted to gambol in the vast area of U.P. Diliman and blow bubbles and so as a gift, her request was granted and we bought her a bubble shooter that she then abused in the muddy field of the U.P. Sunken Garden.

We also explored the vicinity and looked for the famous stall of Mang Larry where a large variety of isaw is sold. I didn’t expect that Mang Larry’s isawan is so popular that one has to fall in line for his order to be taken.

After twenty minutes of waiting for our early dinner (which consists of isaw ng manok, isaw ng baboy special, tenga ng baboy etc.), my name was finally called and we three hungrily pork-ed out on the P200+ worth of different chicken and pig’s innards over a big flat rock beside the store. The mango shake was nice by the way and everything that we ate was good. Z liked the chicken isaw though me and C agreed that we’ve had better. No offense.

But it was Ziann’s day after all so as long as she’s satisfied with the trip and as long as we saw that mirthful smile in her face, surviving the long walks and bringing home the leaves and flowers that she picked-up along the way, we’re more than happy for her. We knew she had fun.



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