October Fun Jam

A somewhat torrid and rain-less Sunday afternoon favored me and my college buddies’ (former band mates) mini jam in the very mismo Blue Light studio in Kamuning, Quezon City.

The idea was to celebrate Felman’s birthday and to baptize his new toy – a Squire Jazz Bass guitar.

We haven’t played with each other for years so I wasn’t really expecting for something tight though it eventually went well because technical stuff aside, everything was just simply for fun. And as long as we enjoyed it, it’s all worth it. It was nice to be with the guys that I used to hang-out with, perform with, and do crazy things with back in Baste.

After three hours of making noise and loosely nailing covers from Megadeth, Goo Goo Dolls, Beatles etc., we found ourselves in one of the memorable places that we had in college:  Quattro (Timog, Quezon City).

There, our table slowly got flooded with bottles of Red Horse beer and a lot of finger food as the night went on. We laughed and drank like there’s no work the next day while revelling in Stonefree’s good music. JP got emotional and cried while Jake surprisingly got wasted early.

See you next month, brothers.


Photos by:

Dale Ferrer and Jake Fajardo



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