Some Timely “Bisaya” Words

My father is a native from Kalibo, Aklan. My mother is a pure Kapampangan. Although I was born and raised in Manila, I therefore am, by ethnicity, a half-Bisaya half-Kapampangan Filipino.

As much as I want to addle you about my origin and take you deeper to the roots of my parents’ and their grandparents’ ancestors, I’d love to share some simple words drawn from my Bisaya side.


Not so much rationale.

These terms are just so appropriate nowadays I just can’t help but say them aloud every time I feel it, especially outside our house.



In Tagalog, it means magnanakaw.

In English, it means “thief”.

Use in a sentence:

Kawatan ang akong mga silingan.

(Magnanakaw ang mga kapit-bahay ko.)

(My neighbors are thieves.)



In Tagalog, it means maingay.

In English, it means “noisy”.

Use in a sentence:

Sabaan sila.

(Maingay sila.)

(They are noisy.)



In Tagalog, it means baliw.

In English, it means “crazy” or “mad” or “mentally disturbed”.

Use in a sentence:

Ang mga tawo nga boang kinahanglan gyud dad-on sa Mental Hospital.

(Ang mga taong baliw ay kailangang dalhin sa Mental Hospital.)

(Mad people are supposed to be taken to the Mental Hospital.)


“Bati” or “Maot” 

In Tagalog, it means pangit.

In English, it means “ugly”.

Use in a sentence:

Kung bati ka ug nawong unya walay kay hinungdan nga pagkatao, magpakamatay ka nalang.

(Kung pangit ang mukha mo at pangit pa ang pagkatao mo, magpakamatay ka na lang.)

(If you are ugly and your personality is ugly too, you should just kill yourself.)



In Tagalog, it means butiki.

In English, it means “lizard”.

Use in a sentence:

Kahibalo ka ang mga taluto dili mo osig?

(Alam mo ba na ang mga butiki ay hindi tumatahol?)

(Do you know that lizards don’t bark?)



I don’t have to explain this more. “Tulisan” means bandits, robbers, or in other word, CRIMINALS.

T U L I S A N.

T U L I S A N.

T U L I S A N.

Ding ding ding… 

the name definitely rings a bell.



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