See You Soon

This is my last night in the Philippines. A series of heavy emotions are pumping inside me right now. I am mostly pensive though I am so happy to spend this date with my entire family.

Ziann didn’t go to school today. She said she wanted to have a quality moment with me before I fly my ass out of this country. Personally, I also wanted to bring off all the floating promises that I made to her. And I did. Well, most of it. We already went to the zoo, U.P., and to Binondo some weeks ago. Too bad we didn’t reach the Planetarium in time this afternoon but we, without a hitch, dropped by Museo Pambata. On Tuesdays, if you have a valid I.D. stating that you are a citizen of Manila, then you are good to come in, for free! What a lucky day indeed.

Museo Pambata 1

Z and I really explored the building up to its every hall. She reveled in the playable objects and perhaps learned from some of them. She did appreciate the different doll collections, antique stuff, and the amazing Science room filled with interactive exhibits about the human body.

Museo Pambata 15
Bahay Kubo!

Museo Pambata 23

Museo Pambata 21

There was an upright piano in one of the rooms downstairs and she wanted me to play something but there was a sign telling that the old eighty-eight’s “sick” and not allowed for usage. It’s okay. Z still enjoyed the trip with or without me laying my fingers on the keys. We had a great time.

[When we were about to leave, we saw two of the crew playing the “out-of-service” piano that didn’t even sound faulty.]

We hurriedly went home at 6 P.M. to prepare for the real occasion: February 12. 2013. It’s Ziann’s 9th birthday.

My entire family was present in Cabalen (West Avenue). It was actually a double celebration: Z and Jeng’s (the fiancee of my cousin) natal day blowout. The bash was contrived and sponsored by my loving sister. Thank you, Tita Neneng.

@Cabalen 021213

@Cabalen 021213 Cake

My family loved the All-You-Can-Eat buffet and we were all delighted with the food. I love the Kare-kare (with their very distinct sweet bagoong) and my favorite Chicken Pastel.

After the satisfying regale, we all went home. There was a drinking session (as always) outside our house in Sampaloc (where we are currently staying) though most of us just chose to rest.

Ziann is not really a birthday person and I don’t like the word “despedida” for fuck’s sake, literally. Like what I always say these past few days, there are no “goodbyes”, just “see you soon”. “Good luck” is better in my opinion. For you know, I won’t be crossing oceans to party my life off. I don’t even know what’s in store for me in that country. All I know is, I am taking this risk for anything better and I’ll surely miss my friends, my pets, and my family for quite some time. For weeks, for months, I really don’t know. I am going to leave my homeland because I badly want to have a break from a career that I lately found disappointing. I am going to leave to rest a bit, calm myself, or maybe, start a new life. Maybe. Just maybe.



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