Humanfolk and Gluttons Bay Sunday

The rainy Sunday afternoon didn’t stop Neil, Anna Lee, and I to catch Humanfolk in their 7 P.M. set at the Mosaic Music Festival held at the Esplanade. The hasty thirty-minute limo-taxi ride from Jalan Jurong Kechil to the venue was fast enough (plus some running too) that we arrived in front of the stage just right in time the band was doing their first instrumental number.

Humanfolk @ The Esplanade (2)

By the way, Humanfolk is a Filipino group playing world music fusion with a lot of added spices like jazz, rock, and electronic elements . The members that night were, of course, Johnny Alegre on guitar, together with Rodney Vidanes on the low ends; Zach Lucero (Imago) on drums, Malek Lopez on computer and other techie stuff; Andrew Dixon on sax; and Abby Clutario (Fuseboxx) on keys and vocals.

I really didn’t know the songs that they performed in that free gig but I surely loved “Para Sa Tao” with Abby doing the vocal job (err… something’s telling me that the last two words don’t sound right). It is basically and literally an alphabet song with an excellent and superb instrumentation (5/4 baby). The catchy melody somehow dug and pinched a little something inside of me. I felt calm.

Our dinner after Humanfolk’s set in the crowded Gluttons Bay was extremely satisfying. Fried Carrot cake, Yang Chao Rice, and a lot of roasted chicken wings could really end the day right and fix some husband and wife misunderstandings (hehe). There was a small Gerry’s Grill alongside the other Asian food stalls in the site . The long line of waiting patrons were mostly Filipinos and there was also this store called Mang Kiko’s. Neil said that it somehow someway resembles Mang Inasal. Let’s try that next time, shall we?

Gluttons bay

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the food.



Anne Lee Sia and Boyetus



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