Marlboro Core Flavor

There’s this interesting pack of Marlboro sold in the stores here. I personally named it Marlboro Red and Black, but it is actually called Marlboro Core Flavor.

Marlboro Core Flavor 1

It’s not that I am comparing, but I am really comparing and I must say that the normal Marlboro (red) here kicks like a typical Marlboro Lights in the Philippines. The Marlboro Lights, on the other hand, is as weak as the “number two and so on” brands.

Marlboro Core Flavor 2Marlboro Core Flavor 3

Core flavor. It’s still nowhere stronger than any Marlboro that I’ve had before but so far, it can fulfill my nicotine needs. It is also a few cents cheaper so I can still spare some for a can of A&W rootbeer. The only drawback is, since the sticks are thinner, you’re already done smoking while your yosi-mates still have half of their sticks.

Marlboro Core Flavor 4

Rating: 8/10



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