Con Los Terroristas

Maybe it is safe to say now that the “Harlem Shake” (meme) is already out. I mean, not that “in” anymore.

Harlem Shake, by the way, is an Internet craze that started early last month with people in peculiar costumes (with props) and undies doing some frenzied “shakes” on the song Harlem Shake by Baauer. It went viral and literally spread like an online disease when a lot of people uploaded their own video versions of it on YouTube. Those so-called “interpretations” of the fad’s enthusiasts from all over the globe featured and added different flavors and jests creating a massive trend which, for the record, reached about 4000 uploads per day.

I dislike it.

In my personal opinion, “real” dancing is a far cry from being frantic. Before I even saw those eccentric videos, I know that the real Harlem Shake is indeed, this one. There was also this version circa 2000 up featuring this song and dance moves which wasn’t really a worldwide hit but somehow penetrated the Philippines. I could remember kids in the streets perfectly doing those in-your-face-ankle-breaking moves for a while.

So what’s this post all about? Nothing. My point is, a person (or persons) with a camera and an Internet access is dangerous.

And though I really abhor this Harlem Shit Shake, I honestly smiled seeing Supernatural‘s version of it… inside a big Devil’s Trap. Now that’s refreshing.



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