All Blues Dentist Trip

The cool thing about having a male dentist is, well, having a male dentist.

Doc M is my dentist for who-knows-how-many-years and I can say that I am comfortable with him. Though I only see him once a year or once in two years, I am at ease to settle on his dentist chair and let him scrutinize the insides of my mouth that only he (and my wife) has the license to.

At The Dentist's Chair

Being in the same gender also means that we can pore over any topic that might hamper me to discuss with the opposite sex. I mean, we can talk about how good in bed Maricar Reyes was/is while chunks of tartar are falling out of my teeth. We can also converse about Walruses and 80’s music while assorted fluids are splashing out from my wide-opened maw to the dentist bib on my chest.

In my cleaning session this afternoon, I learned that I am a “calculus former”. Dental calculus or “tartar” in layman’s term, is indeed caused by dental plaque that came from the hardened fusion of food residue and protein in people’s mouth. The formation of my calculus is just so-happen faster than the others. He said that there must always be a “mechanical” procedure to clean our teeth. Mouthwashes won’t work alone. Proper brushing and flossing is the shit.

Probably, the most significant thing that I learned today is, smoking doesn’t cause tartar. It only stains the teeth yellow, and causes bad breath. Myth buster, eh?

So what’s this post all about? I don’t know. I am just actually trying the reliability of Market! Market!’s free WiFi and I just want to share the song that I heard in my mind when the dental drill was buzzing in my face.

Enjoy and floss daily!



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