While Smoking Under The Futile Waiting Shed

… at the back of Cash and Carry, I felt an abrupt discomfort. I felt “tight”. Then I realized… I was wearing Vinny’s shirt.

Finally, a cab stopped in front of me.

An hour before, we were almost lost in Muntinlupa City trying to find the exit route to Manila. I groped for my blue shirt at the back of Vinny’s car and changed while the three of us were still watching the live performance of “The Fallen” over and over in France’s iPad. Thanks to her for capturing that rare, and maybe, last moment that NC’s playing together. Too bad it was just 3/5 of the band.

Two hours before, after smoking our lungs out and after flirting with the wedding coordinators (kidding!), we called it a day and decided to go home. Sir Chip and I caught a ride with Vinny and France and the former was dropped off just before Sto. Nino. I lost count how many times we replayed the video of “The Fallen”.

Five and a half hours before, the reception had commenced at Cipriano’s Garden, just a few kilometers from the church. It was a nice place and the food was good. There were the traditional wedding reception courses and gimmicks that surely entertained the guests. Dark Crayola played a quasi-acoustic set and Fidel was the “Robbie Hart” of the night. Man, that band never fails to amaze me.


Note: When I saw Neil danced, I can say that he is a good guitarist (haha).

Vinny, I, and the groom himself, Neil performed a classic NC song called “The Fallen” as a “surprise” (according to the MC) for the bride. But actually, I was more surprised when the hosts called us. I was really off-guard that exact minute. Anyway, we just engaged in with smiles and laughter, enjoying the moment while individually musing over about the great times our band had. I wished Paul and Jack were there. By the way, we played it a semitone higher and Vinny sang it without a hint of effort.


Seven and a half hours before, I was sitting beside Vinny (NC) and Fidel (DC) inside the church having an unlimited and unadulterated palaver about Joe Satriani, MIDI drum velocities, martial arts, Rainbow Ponies (?), Neil’s make-up, nun chucks, and anything under the sun. It was progressively entertaining. I apologize for not paying attention to the wedding proper.

After the ceremony, we redid the wedding march for photography purposes and Sir Chip arrived. Finally, a “smoking-buddy”.

Eight hours before, Neil and Lee got married again. This time, they literally walked down the aisle of St. Perigrine Lazioso Shrina – Muntinlupa City and tied the knot in front of a priest, their friends, and of course, their families.

Being a witness to some of the preparations back in SG more than nine hundred hours before, I can say that the plan did go well. I just wished the deleted scene happened where I would be playing the synth solo (using an iPad) of Dream Theater’s “Beneath the Surface” arranged for a string quartet. That could have been cool.

But I was also part of the entourage so I still had my duty of lighting a candle together with my beautiful partner, Laureen.

Note: Five matchsticks are better than one.

Vinny and Fidel also had their tasks of pinning the veil and placing the cord around the couple. Honestly, we were clueless about mostly everything.

Nine hours before, Vinny, France, and I were in front of the church, in Vinny’s car and just waiting for the mass to start. Me and Vinny just changed clothes inside the vehicle and I just threw my blue shirt at the compartment and wore my “pre-tied” tie.

I smoked a stick of Marlboro under a calm tree at the side of the church’s gate then I felt a sudden vexation in my tummy.

I should have said “XL” for my vest.

Congratulations my friends!


(photos from the bride’s Facebook page)



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