… in the not-so ubiquitous though never concealed land of Piano Rolls, NRPNs, and abstruse System Exclusives, I returned. In this new company, I am no stranger to the work per se, but I cannot say that everything will be a cinch. There’s so much to learn here and perhaps, a sheaf of notes to review.

Being a good friend of an adept employee, the bosses have high expectations from me. That’s what I was told. Nay, they are also hoping that I will improve my initial and ridiculous D-grade status anon.

Well, expectations are for pregnant women only and hope is just a brand of a cheap cigarette. Even though I am not buying that story, I’ll still try my best. For me.

The contract that I signed somehow compels me to reach the numbers and quality come April. I’m cool with that for it’s not really my thing to scramble and stress myself with work. It’s not even my mug of beer to make an impression. My approach is to gradually develop my knack and then kick some ass afterwards. If I will not attain the cut, it’s my salary that will suffer anyway.

For the meantime, I’ll just go with the flow and induce myself that I can do it. I may have blatantly bit off more than I could chew, but in this mad world of corporate shit, success doesn’t come with a gobbet of cannots. Success means pounding the nail deep in the hard Tai Jin wood, and right now, I am the hammer.



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